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The Snow Cutter Saves Time. The exclusive cutting wire is the key to clearing a roof in less than half the time than a roof rake or other methods. Deep snow is divided into manageable layers that pull off smoothly without piling up. The cutting wire reduces friction between the roof and snow, so the snow slides off with a light pull.

It's Safer. There is no need to climb up on the roof. With the Phillips Snow Cutter you can clear snow away safely from the ground.

It Protects the Roof. In freezing temperatures roof shingles become brittle and crack easily. Repetitive scraping by a roof rake or standing on a roof and removing snow with a shovel can do severe damage. The Phillips Snow Cutter glides over shingles on sturdy plastic rollers, effectively removing snow while minimizing damage to the roof.

Phillips Snow Cutter Package: $133.95

  • Includes the Phillips Snow Cutter head and three aluminum 5 ft. extension poles.

  • Phillips Snow Cutter Head: $87.95

  • Fits most ball-locking aluminum extension poles

  • 5 ft. Extension Poles: $18.95

  • We recommend using a maximum of 4 poles.

  • Replacement Cutting Wire for a Standard or Metal Roof: $9.95

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